TEACHING: Learning the Word of God and growing to be like Jesus Christ

Jesus commanded His disciples to “teach” the believers to obey all that He had commanded them. This is the only way followers of Jesus will learn about God and His eternal plan for everyone, and how to live each day in relationship to their fellow man, all to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have several opportunities to study the Word of God each week.

Worship in the Word

Each Sunday at 10:15 am, we celebrate our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, with fellow believers in Jesus and with visitors who come to learn about God. This time of worship is with joyous singing of praises to the Lord, prayers, listening and being challenged by the preaching of the Word of God. Each message is a clear and simple teaching that will challenge you to live your life to honor God and bring Him glory.

Adult Opportunities

Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes for all adults that meet at 9:00 am on Sundays. As need and opportunity present themselves we will continue to add classes.

Home Groups

There are Home Groups that meet at different times throughout the week in people’s home. These groups spend time in fellowship, prayer and Bible Study.

Come enjoy a great time of fellowship and study of God’s Word. Go to the Contact US page and send an email letting us know you would like to know more about the Home Groups or call the church to learn where they are located at 410-641-4306.

Prayer Meeting

On the 1st Sunday evening at 5:00 pm, we have a prayer time to pray for the people and ministries of the Church and needs of our community.

Come join us at 5:00 pm for a time of encouragement.

Children & Youth Opportunities

Sunday School

Sunday School for children ages K3-6th grade and classes for Middle-High school students, starts at 9:00 am Sunday.

Worship Service

All children stay in the worship service with their parents. Each Sunday they have an activity packet to work on as they worship and listen to the message from the Bible. This keeps them engaged and learning during the worship service.

AWANA/Reset Student Ministries

AWANA dinner starts at 4:45pm on Wednesday evenings and the program groups starts at 5:00pm.

Through the AWANA program, students study and memorize Bible verses and Bible truths that are relevant to their age group and crucial to their spiritual maturity.

There are many great things about the AWANA program. One outstanding feature is AWANA gives a unique opportunity for parents to spend quality time each day with their children by putting into practice the Biblical responsibility to give spiritual nurturing to the next generation. We encourage each parent to invest time with their children each day, helping them memorize the verses and work through the lessons. The greatest reward will not be the awards on the AWANA uniform, but in the personal lives of the children as they learn God’s ways through their parents’ and leaders’ personal investment of time and love.

For more information on AWANA check out http://awana.org/